How to Create Groups on Kik and Add Friends?

Create Groups on Kik: All you know that is Kik Messenger is used to getting connected with friends. No matter where you have first met it’s all about getting in touch with each other for each and every second. One can find the Kik friends using the Kik username.

Kik messenger is the best and familiar app in the world. This Kik App is available for iOS, Android and as well as for Windows Phone. Kik App is most populous Application in North America. Before getting into the article, let’s a have a look at the brief details about the Kik Messenger. Here you can get the complete idea about the creation of Kik groups.

maxresdefault How to Create Groups on Kik and Add Friends?

The Kik Interactive developed a Kik Messenger, by a company which is founded in the year 2009 by the students of Waterloo University in Canada. They always wish to create new technologies on mobile smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Kik Messenger is one of the first app developed by Kik Interactive which is launched on 19th October 2010.

Create Groups on Kik – Using Kik App

Kik Groups are the easiest way to connect with most loved ones and also with the dearest friends. By creating groups on Kik App, we can share our feelings with our wellwishers. The Kik Groups are easy to create. Each and every one can start the group chatting with their nearest and family friends. This is the best app to communicate with the people all around the world.

The Kik Messenger groups are not limited by boundaries, but also they can be used by the single groups. We can spend a lot more time on Kik groups. One can share our ideas on Kik messenger group chats.

maxresdefault How to Create Groups on Kik and Add Friends?

How to Create a Group on Kik

Create Groups on Kik – Kik Messenger is the free alternative messages app for the texting the messages. Using the Kik group App one can text the message to more than a single person. Kik App is one of the best apps for the messaging and as well as for sharing the important messages. This article deals with the creation of Kik groups on each and every platform.

How to Add Friends on Kik App

1. First, open the Kik App on Android, iPhone and iPad Devices. Whatever the device the process is same for all the devices.

2. Click on the ‘Talk To’ which is visible on the comic book speech bubble. If you are unable to see the icon you might be using the older version.

3. Now Touch “Start a Group” option.

4. Next Click on Add.

5. On the screen choose all the people to you want to add to the group and click on ‘Done’

  • Now you can observe that a checkmark is added to the name which implies that a particular person has been selected.
  • If you would like to deselect the persons, you can retouch their names again and then deselect them.

6. To start the group chat click on “Start ” button.

  • If you are unable to see the Start option you can go the right corner and click on the checkmark.
  • Now you can name the group, and also you can add the group photo to your group.

7. You can type a message and also click on “Send” option. The message will deliver to all the members of the group.

8. In this Kik App, you can add the users to the existing group. Now click on Info button and its seems to be like overlapping of the two circles. Touch the ‘Add’ option and as well as you can add more people to your group.MetroPCS Payment

  • There is an option on Kik app is that you can change the group name as well as the group icon. Another option available for you to mute the messages or leave the group you doesn’t want.

How to Add Friends on Kik and Create Groups

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