Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone [iOS]

Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone – Hi, looking to install Facebook Messenger on your iPhone? Here’s a simple procedure to get the app. Moreover, Facebook Messenger is an official application of Facebook which allows its customers to carry text chats with other users. It’s one of the most popular social network instant messaging applications. You can send and receive messages on the app and later you can continue the chat on original Facebook app via your Facebook Account.

You can download and install Facebook Messenger on different set of devices, such as:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • PC
  • MacBook, and many more devices.

Indeed, you can do many things on Facebook along with having conversation. Whereas, Facebook Messenger exclusively serves with having conversations. Similar to other instant messaging applications, this specific app too allows you to send as well as receive images, share location, and so on. Follow the simple steps to Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone [iOS].

Messenger-iOS-160x300 Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone [iOS]

Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone

Facebook Messenger runs on several platforms, such as: Android OS, iOS, Windows, mac OS, Linus, etc., In this article, we are giving steps to install the application on your iPhone.

The first release of Facebook Messenger was in the year 2011 (August). Moreover, during the initial launch, it was like a standalone application over Android OS as well as iOS. However, in 2014 (April), this specific functionality was taken out from original Facebook. In addition, the company has also set out another app by name ‘Facebook Lite’. It’s a basic application with finite set of features which was exclusively for old version mobile phones as well as places with less internet facilities.

On Messenger, you can make addition of several members and thereby open different chat windows at the same instance. Then you can keep each chat in a bubble to have conversation with more convenience by moving the bubble on your gadget’s screen.

In addition, you can configure the app for receiving sound as well as vibrating alerts. You can make VOIP calls too from Facebook Messenger. One of the most impressive things on the app is its stickers which help to personalize the chats. Conversations come to life with these stickers indeed.

Messenger-iOS-160x300 Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone [iOS]

Features of Facebook Messenger

  • Conversations come to life on Facebook Messenger because of the interesting stickers which personalize your chats.
  • The application is exclusively for sending and receiving messages. Also, it supports group chats.
  • You can see whether the message is successfully delivered to your friend and whether your friend has seen it or not.
  • Moreover, the application supports to make Video as well as Voice calls to anybody across the world at free of cost on WiFi. Whereas, if you make calls on data, charges are applicable.
  • Facebook Messenger allows you to share images and videos instantly. Also, you can share map of your location.
  • The app supports to share voice messages too.
  • Another significant feature if that through Facebook Messenger you can send and receive money on a very secure basis. Just in your conversation by adding debit card details, you can manage sharing money.

How to install Facebook Messenger for iOS?

Here’s a simple process to Facebook Messenger Download for iPhone.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • On your iPhone device, hit the Apps icon.
  • Locate App Store from the total applications on your device.
  • Click App Store application to open it.
  • You can find a search bar at the top on the app. Enter ‘Facebook Messenger’ and choose it from the auto-suggest list.
  • After selecting Messenger, you can find ‘Install’ button. Hit it.
  • Then, it asks to accept the terms and conditions. Click ‘Accept’ button.
  • Now, the application starts to download on your device.
  • After successful download, automatically Facebook Messenger gets installed on your iPhone.
  • Now, you can find the Messenger icon in your apps list.
  • Click it to open and it asks to fill few details for using the app.
  • Enter the details and now Messenger is ready to use on your iPhone.

Get Facebook Messenger for iOS here

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