How to LogOut or Sign Out of KIK Messenger | Know and Share How this Can be Done

How to LogOut or Sign Out of Kik Messenger: Applications icons are Sign in/Log in and sign out/ Log out. But this Kik Messenger failed in this option. Kik Messenger doesn’t have log out option if you want to log out from this application the only solution is to Reset the form. But when we Reset the application, the messages and important which is in the application may be lost.

KikMessenger How to LogOut or Sign Out of KIK Messenger | Know and Share How this Can be Done

How to LogOut or Sign Out of KIK Messenger?

For most of the applications, same features may exist in all the requests. But users select the application based on the performance and user interface. In the same way, Kik Messenger is also similar to the other applications like Facebook messenger which is same as a messenger app. And there are many more useful apps like Viber, WhatsApp and what not. Kik Messenger has beaten all these applications and stood on the top of these requests.

Kik Messenger app is very simple and fastest application. And became more popular, but most of the users have a question about this How to LogOut or Sign Out of Kik Messenger and proved it as best of total requests in the market.

KikMessenger How to LogOut or Sign Out of KIK Messenger | Know and Share How this Can be Done

50 A Million users became a fan of this form and using Kik Messenger for instant messages. To run Kik messenger application, one must need to create the username as Login Credentials for chatting with friends and family; This Messenger is limit fewer words. Also, can have group conversations with friends in social Media.

Following are the steps for How to LogOut or Sign Out of KIK Messenger?

Seven Steps for How to LogOut or Sign Out of Kik Messenger

  • Step 1: Save the messages which you want because as we discussed already that there is no logout option present in this application, Only the Reset button is present which helps as Logout. But this option will eradicate/ removes all the messages and meaningful conversations with friends so you should need to save the data before Resetting the application. Follow these how to Save those important messages.

    How to Save the Messages

  • Press and hold the words which you want from the chats. Copy the conversations and paste it into the documents which are present in your phone like Google Document. The another way of saving your conversations is taking the Screenshots which automatically saves the pictures in the Gallery.
  • Step 2: On the top of the application, the gear button is present click on the Ger button which acts like settings button. In which it has your Account Settings, your Kik Code, Notifications, Chat Settings.

KikMessenger How to LogOut or Sign Out of KIK Messenger | Know and Share How this Can be Done

  • Account Settings Step 3Tap on the Account Settings which will open your account details.
  •  Step 4: In Account details, scroll down the page at the end you will the Reset Kik Application. Click on the Reset Kik, A pop-up message opens.

         Pop-Up Message:

Kik Messenger with reset option, entirely removes the data and messages push out all relevant and useful information in the form? With these pop-up messages. You need to click on the Yes for Resetting the form. Which deletes your data and resets the application by not losing your friends list. 

  • Step 5: By clicking the Yes, it Resets the form and exits the application by displaying Login Screen.
  • After Resetting: If you want to login Again after Resetting, Login with the username which you have already created with a password. Have you forgotten the password then follow the link by visiting In this, you can have your password and this emails to your account Email.
  • Step 6: This application can also login into another device which automatically logouts in the first device. And this still will delete the data in the first device automatically.
  • Step 7: If you want to Delete the Kik messenger Permanently you can deactivate your account also.
  • Disabling Process: By visiting this site this will permanently deactivate the account. Then you will receive an Email open that link that deactivates your account. Once check for Spam folder. If you’re a Gmail user, then check for the Updates and Promo tabs also.

These are simple steps enjoy the Kik Messanger. And share this important and Valuable information to your friends through Social Media.

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