Best Kik Messenger Tricks Read Messages Without Showing “R”

Read Messages Without Showing R: The Kik Messenger is one of the popular messaging apps. It is having almost more than 300 million users. Among them, the majority of the users are from Teenagers and United States. While reading the forums, we came across the question that how can we read the Kik messages without showing the ‘R’ so that you can hide the read receipts from others. So, therefore, here comes the solution for the above question.

Read Messages Without Showing R

Best Kik Messenger Tricks – How to Read messages without showing ‘R’ on Kik is the very popular method for Kik messenger. We all know that Kik is available for PC and Windows. Here are the easy tips and tricks to know about the well-advanced users. Using the above methods, we can install the Kik for PC Mac and also in OS. Hence the users who want to get to know about the amazing and wonderful trick can simply follow our article.

kik-games-2015 Best Kik Messenger Tricks Read Messages Without Showing “R”

Read Messages Without Showing R – As you are aware that when you send a message in the Kik messenger, you can see multiple stamps for every message like ‘D’ ‘S’ and ‘R.’ Which means that when a message is sent it shows ‘S’ but it is not delivered to the receiving end. Whereas ‘D’ say that the message is sent & delivered to the recipients. ‘R’ is for reading the message where a recipient has read the message. This is about the various stamps like ‘D’ ‘S” and ‘R.’

Best Kik Messenger Tricks

Kik messenger sends and reads receipts so, therefore, individuals get to know that whether you read the message or not or you have not replied it. One will be irritated if they saw the message nad not even responding them. One would always prefer to get the reply very fastly.

Therefore, you can trap the Kik messenger app into the not demonstrating ‘R’ just to show that the ‘D’ the message has not been sent. Here are the two alternatives to that you can know to read the message secretly.

kik-games-2015 Best Kik Messenger Tricks Read Messages Without Showing “R”

How to Read Kik Messages Without Showing R

Now let’s move on to the various tricks and solutions to prevent someone whether you have read the message by hiding with the R stamp on Android or iPhone devices. Check out the below steps to know about the tricks and solutions.

1) When you receive a  message from your friend firstly, you don’t open the conversation. All that you have to do is first turn off your internet connection and select the required message and read it.

2) Once you open the message after switching off your internet connection, your friend will still see it as ‘D’ but not the ‘R’ because you have read the message through offline.

3) Even though the Kik Messenger App is not opened and once you on your internet connection the sender will see that you have read the message which means that it is ‘R’ stamp.

For Android/iPhone – Read Messages Without Showing R

When you switch on your internet connection, your friends will know that you have read the message even though if you have not opened the Kik App. Here comes the another trick for the sake of users to hide from someone showing ‘R’ on Kik.

1) This is similar to the above method. Simply read the messages by switching off your internet connection.

2) Now you know that your friend never knows that you have read the message. Therefore before switching off the internet connection kill the Kik Messenger App.

How to Read the Kik Messages without Showing R

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