Snapchat App Download for Mac – Complete Guide

Snapchat App Download for Mac – Hi, looking to install Snapchat on your Mac? Don’t worry!! Here are the simple steps to get the app on your device. Moreover, Snapchat is one of the famous mobile apps which allows its customers to send pictures as well as videos to the other users.

Why Snapchat is different from all the other messaging apps? Because of the following unique feature – “the videos as well as pics on it will self destruct lasting for a brief time period after viewing them”. This particular feature is to make Snapchat momentary. However, you can make screenshot of pics you receive on the app and save them in the picture format. Also, you can save images prior to sharing them with your friends.

You can download and install Snapchat on the different set of devices, such as: Smartphone, iPhone, PC, Macbook, Laptop, Tablet, and so on. As most of the devices go handy, you can enjoy the services anywhere you like to. Follow these simple procedure to Snapchat App Download for Mac.

Snapchat-1-300x225 Snapchat App Download for Mac - Complete Guide

Snapchat App Download for Mac

The introductory release of Snapchat was in 2011. Within two to three years of release, the app’s users were sharing about 700 million pics as well as videos for one day. As the tech is advancing day-to-day, people are looking for better and the best applications.

Moreover, Snapchat is a different app which serves its users with a completely distinct type of sharing messages. The users can add doodle or put any sort of caption over the snaps. In addition, the application offers a new feature by name ‘My Story’. It allows the users to compile various snaps into story-lines which is accessible to all the friends.

Snapchat runs on different set of platforms, such as: mac OS, iOS, Android OS, Windows 7/8/10/XP, and so on. Moreover, for functioning of the app, your device need to possess good broadband connection. Also, it’s a fun messaging app where you can click a picture or else compile a video.

Snapchat-1-300x225 Snapchat App Download for Mac - Complete Guide

Features of Snapchat

  • Image as well as Brief Video sharing.
  • Adding any Caption or Doodle (draw) over the snaps.
  • Moreover, the app allows only 33 character snap captions.
  • Also, it comes with a feature – screenshot alert.
  • Just about 1 to 10 seconds of snap lasting (limited period of time).
  • The application doesn’t offer location service.
  • You can access Snapchat through custom username.
  • After self destruction of pics as well as brief videos, they are wiped off from the server permanently. No one can access them again.
  • You can take a screenshot of snaps you receive on the app and save them in the picture format.
  • The video briefing limit is for about 10 seconds of duration.
  • Through the feature – ‘My Story’, you can make story-lines with different set of snaps on the application. Moreover, the story is accessible to your friends list.

How to install Snapchat on your Mac?

Here’s a very simple procedure to Snapchat App Download for Mac.

Usually, Snapchat is available on Android as well as iOS. You can use the application on your Mac too.

  1. To get Snapchat on Mac, you have to download the Android Emulator first.
  2. For this, we suggest Bluestacks. Moreover, Bluestacks re-create Android environment over Mac. So you can install any Android application on your system and use it flawlessly.
  3. Reach Bluestacks official website and download the installer. Then follow on-screen pop-ups for installation process. Notably, Bluestacks come at free of cost.
  4. After successful installation, click it to open and begin to set your Android environment.
  5. In order to set Android environment, you have to sign in through your Google Account.
  6. After signing in, you need to link your Google Account to the Bluestacks app.
  7. Once the entire environment is set successfully, search for Snapchat on Play Store in its search bar.
  8. Download the application and login with your Snapchat account if already exists. Otherwise, create New Snapchat Account.
  9. After successful login, you can use the application on your Mac.
  10. For sending snaps, your devices need to hold a webcam.
  11. Have Happy Snapping on your MacBook!!

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