How to Get Viber for Mac | Free Download

Viber for Mac: Viber is one of the perfect application for smartphones for texting. Viber is specially designed as a free messenger for smartphones later there was a developed version for Mac. Everyone can download the Viber app on the computer. They can communicate with others more efficiently than earlier. It is mostly used for Video calling and Voice calls, messages. And by using this, we can also share Images as well as Videos to our Family members or Friends.

Free Download – Viber for Mac

Viber App for Mac PC allows you to communicate with others and it automatically synchronizes the contacts on the smartphones. Mac users also can use all the features of as a smartphone version. Setup process of Viber application is very easy if your Viber application is running up to date on your smartphone.

Download-Free-Backup-Text-for-Viber-Android-App How to Get Viber for Mac | Free DownloadViber for Mac allows you to send text messages, audio files, and video files as well as documents from Android devices. The advantage of Viber is that it uses small bandwidth for your smartphone devices. It provides the best reliable communication over Android devices. It is the best app used by the smartphones for Voice/ Video calls and messages.

One of the greatest advantages of this Viber application is that you can also make voice calls for Nonviber users who are using devices like landlines and handsets with minimum cost.

You will get attracted by the many features of Viber for Mac. WhatsApp is also a best popular messenger. Similarly, Viber applications also provide you the same features for your Mac devices.

Setup Viber on your Mac OS 

Steps -1: It is compulsory to make sure that you are working on Viber version 6.0 on your smartphone devices.

Step -2:  Next, Download the Viner Application for Mac Device.

In Step -3: Then, double click on the Viber.dmg file.

Step -4: Drag the Viber app into the folder which is on the right.

Step -5: Click on the application folder & then click on the Viber App.

For Step -6: Do you have the Viber App on your mobile phones? Then select the option Yes.

Step -7: Enter your phone number by following the below steps.

  • First, Choose your country code from the given list.
  • Next, Enter your mobile number

Step -8: Click on the option that “Scan with my Phone” to scan the QR code.

  • Iy you are unable to scan the QR code, then follow the below steps.
  • Scan the QR code by using the selfie side of the camera.

1.Send yourself your secret identification key

1.At the end of the screen scan your QR code by selecting the ‘My Camera is Not Working.’

Download-Free-Backup-Text-for-Viber-Android-App How to Get Viber for Mac | Free Download

2. Next, Click on the option “copy” to identify the key.

3. Then, send the copied key to your mobile phone through message or email.

4. Now open the received message on your phone.

5. Click on that link and then select the option open to open the Viber messenger.

Download-Free-Backup-Text-for-Viber-Android-App How to Get Viber for Mac | Free Download

6. Next, click on the approve and select the option ‘yes.’

Download-Free-Backup-Text-for-Viber-Android-App How to Get Viber for Mac | Free Download

7. Now your secondary device is activated, you can continue to step next.

8. By using your Viber scanner, scan the QR code on the desktop application.

9. Done with it! Viber app is ready to use on your Mac device.

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